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Turbo listing on eBay and Amazon

eBay and Amazon listing Affinities ships with an enterprise level turbo lister as standard.

Upload all of your stock onto eBay and Amazon at the click of the button, keep your stock syncronized across market places and automatically download the orders back to Affinities when they're made.

Your listings will relist themselves, adjust when changes are saved and take themselves down when stock expires.

Sage Compatibility

Sage syncing Push all of of your financial activity to your sage accounting software

Affinities will constantly poll for new financial records and push them to your accounting package.

Once setup, we'll create new orders, invoices and customers as they're created. We'll even update your ledger to be extra helpful. You can even choose which orders you want to sync - giving you complete control.

Paypal Integration + Transaction Matching

PayPal Transaction Matching Integrate into PayPal and we'll show you all payments straight from your account.

Don't recognise a payment? Affinities will search and match any transaction against active orders in your database. It takes seconds to attach new PayPal payments to your orders.

Affinities also allows you to search your PayPal account and browse your payments in full detail.

Full email integration including MS Outlook

Email and Outlook Affinities comes with Microsoft Outlook integration allowing you to access your customer contacts from Outlook at the click of a button

Full SMTP integration is also supported meaning you can link Affinities to ANY mailbox. Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, Gmail can all be setup via our simple wizard.

Customers can now get Invoices and delivery notes straight to their inboxes with a simple click, order updates are automatically delivered to the customer and you can compose a message in seconds.

Electronic Point-Of Sale (EPOS)

EPOS and CRM We're not just a listing tool. Affinities comes with a complete EPOS system.

You can create new orders taken over the phone or counter. browse, search for, update and report on any orders in your system.

You're also not limited to space. The system is capable of holding unlimited orders and products without slowdown.

Loads of Extras!

CRM Solution and more The Affinities Project was born over 5 years ago. In that time, we've amassed quite a few different modules to aid your business.

We offer full customer, order, supplier and product capture. Full tiered pricing system. Follow leads and create opportunities with an integrated CRM solution. Even your images are hosted in the cloud at no extra charge. All as standard

Powered by eBay Amazon and Stripe

So what is Affinities ... ?

What is Affinities? Affinities is used to automate parts of your business that take you the most time and if we can't automate it, we simply make it simple and easy for you.

To reflect the decades of experience we have, we've aimed Affinities at the retail industry. If you run a shop, warehouse or anything that involves selling something, we can make it easier for you

We start by giving you the tools to catalogue your products. We host all of your product images on the web (It's included) and then add advanced pricing tools, stock tracking and loads of other extras. All wrapped up in a bright and friendly interface.

There is also a place to keep track of all of your customers. Their details, interests and habits are all tracked. You can view their orders, assign them promotional prices, note any leads or opportunities and report on their recent orders and favorite products.

Affinities allows you to create orders for your customers, it lets you use advanced searching techniques for quick creation and thanks to our partnership with Stripe, we even provide you with a fully integrated credit card processing facility that takes 15 minutes to setup.

Want to expand your customer reach by thousands? Sign into eBay and Affinities will automatically list your items using our professional HTML templates. Stock will be tracked and updated, items taken down automatically and new customers and orders are automatically downloaded for you to complete.

If you recieve PayPal transactions in the hundreds then connect Affinities to your account. You'll be able to see transactions in detail, refund your customers, search your account and even let Affinities auto-match transactions to uncompleted orders.

Recently we added a Sage module that fully integrates into Affinities. Link it to your Sage Accounting package and we'll push any new customers and orders into it in real time.

We've only just scratched the surface of what Affinities can do. We're constantly adding great new features so feel free to trial the software for free!